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Remember Me (2019)

    Riikka Vakkamaa: Concorde (Aalto University Archive)

    The typical story of a fashion dress – from a short moment of fame and glory to being buried and forgotten in archive or museum if not totally disappearing – is also a sad one. My mission is to give the fashion dress a new respectable life and more positive narrative based on the core function of clothing: wearability. So, I am simply planning to wear the dress, and let the continuous everyday interaction between my body and the dress create the narrative. But according to the documentation material of my project, presented in this exhibition, this seems like a mission impossible, because of the social problems it would create. Has the fashion drifted so far from the real life, that any attempt to save it from itself appears as perverted? Or is clothing so tied with our biblical taboos and feelings of shame, that simply wearing the wrong kind of dress would make a statement that cannot be tolerated?